Pet Benefits

Natural Velvet Vitality Elk Velvet Antler Benefits Dogs and Cats

Does your pet have trouble jumping up?

When your dog or cat starts having trouble climbing stairs, jumping up or even walking normally, you should do what you can to help before the problem gets any worse. Velvet Vitality EVA supplements provide the nutrients your pet needs to maintain and rebuild healthy joints, including:

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin sulfate
  • Collagen
  • Calcium
  • Minerals

Packed with the elements that promote growth, flexibility and strength without any added chemicals or fillers, Velvet Vitality elk velvet antler is a safe, reliable and cost-effective supplement that helps your pet stay active throughout its life.

Has your pet lost its energy?

Advancing age and/or ill health sap your pet’s energy. Velvet Vitality EVA contains growth factors, protein, calcium and minerals that supplement your pet’s metabolism, helping boost its energy reserves for the long-term, so that you and your dog can enjoy those long walks, games of fetch and Frisbee tricks well into its golden years.

Does your cat or dog have a thinning coat or dry skin?

Revitalizing EVA provides your pet with the natural, raw materials for supple skin and a healthy coat in dogs and cats. Velvet Vitality pet supplements contain collagen, which helps maintain skin hydration and elasticity, chondroitin sulfate and growth hormones that promote tissue regeneration and fight the effects of aging. EVA provides your pet with essential protein, too, for thick, glossy fur.

Start your pet on Velvet Vitality supplements today. Don’t forget the real elk antler chew toys!


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