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Elk roaming in field


Antlers are the only appendages among mammals that naturally regenerate each year. They are also among the only appendages it is possible to harvest without harm or disfigurement to the animal.

At Alpine Elk Ranch, they begin harvesting velvet antler when their bulls reach two years of age, using a completely painless, harm-free process. They time their harvest carefully to ensure the developing antlers have reached the peak of their nutritional value, which occurs when the horns are still soft and covered with velvety fur.

EVA is a self-renewing resource that is sustainable throughout the natural life spans of the elk. That’s one of the reasons the Browne family feels so good about Velvet Vitality supplements. They place great value on each individual in their herd.

They meticulously freeze-dry the velvet antler harvest to preserve its high nutrient content and then convert it to a pure, 100 percent natural powder. Then, they send the EVA powder to an approved lab to be encapsulated and packaged.

“We take every possible step to ensure our finished product is the best on the market,” says Justin Browne. “We do this with our careful, harm-free processing and product testing on every batch made.”

Velvet Vitality EVA supplements are available in select stores as well as online. The company also partners with folks who are interested in selling Velvet Vitality EVA products. Let us know if you would like more information about wholesale here.

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