Velvet Vitality Elk Velvet Antler Supplements: A Comprehensive Ingredients List

We humanely harvest our elk antler velvet when it contains the highest concentration of revitalizing nutrients. We freeze-dry the whole antler and reduce it to a 100-percent natural, encapsulated powder that you can take daily as a health supplement without worrying about any adverse side effects. The comprehensive list below includes only a sample of the primary health benefits of each ingredient in Velvet Vitality supplements.

Amino acids (muscles and tissue, neurological support)
68-amino acid peptide (anti-inflammatory)
Linolenic acids, including Omega-6 fatty acids
Phospholipids (cell structural health and anti-aging) 
Calcium (bones and teeth)
Magnesium (insulin metabolism)
Manganese (antioxidant)
Phosphorus (bones and teeth, tissue repair)
Iron (blood, energy)
Potassium (cardiovascular health)
Collagen (skin and joint rejuvenation)
Proteoglycans (joint elasticity)
Chondroitin sulfate (rebuilding cartilage)
Glucosamine sulfate (connective tissue health)
Glycosaminoglycans GAGS (joint lubrication)
Polyamines (DNA regulation)
Keratin sulfate (collagen support)
Dermatan (element of connective tissue)
Hyaluronic acid (joint lubrication, anti-aging)
Nucleotides (RNA and DNA) (anti-aging)
Prostaglandins (anti-inflammatory)
Gangliosides (memory and learning)

Learn more about the anti-aging properties of Velvet Vitality supplements.


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