Energy & Stamina

How Do Natural Elk Velvet Antler Supplements Boost Your Energy and Stamina?

Whether it’s due to the time of year, the effects of aging, a nutritional deficiency or all of the above, loss of energy and stamina can make getting through your day a struggle. Velvet Vitality EVA supplements contain prostaglandins that can help you recapture your natural energy and verve for life that you may have thought was gone for good.

When you think of an elk’s innate ability to regenerate its antlers every spring, it seems perfectly natural that supplementing your daily diet with EVA in powdered form is a recipe for revitalization. It turns out that the science backs this up.

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in every Velvet Vitality supplement provide you with energizing elements your body cannot produce on its own. These fatty also supply your system with proven cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are essential to the production of healthy cells, including red blood cells, immune cells and heart tissue.

Velvet Vitality EVA supplements also help to increase your stamina. Maybe you simply wish you could spend more hours fishing out on the lake or enjoy more quality time with your grandchildren. Velvet Vitality EVA contains natural ingredients that help you enjoy the activities you love longer and more fully. They fuel your body with:

  • Protein: A nutritional key to repairing tired muscles as well as creating and maintaining your muscle mass, protein feeds your metabolism with regenerative power, keeping you stronger longer. 
  • Essential amino acids: These protein-building amino acids are “essential” because you don’t produce them naturally. Without dietary management or supplements, you would be missing these raw materials of protein. 
  • Metabolic minerals: Velvet Vitality supplements contain minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium, which help support and promote metabolic health. 

Velvet Vitality EVA supplements provide you with the same restorative elements that inspire yearly antler regrowth. You can enjoy your favorite activities longer with less fatigue by tapping into the regenerative power of velvet elk antler products.


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