About Us

“Knowing the value my family gets from visiting the ranch gives me the drive to keep this ranch going in the positive direction it is.” – Norman Browne

Our family raises elk on 200 acres of beautiful terrain in the wilds of North Idaho. The ultimate realization of a dream that goes back more than three decades, Alpine Elk Ranch is very much a family operation. Three generations have contributed to its development, and each member of our family reaps the benefits of good health, breathtaking scenery and happy family times together. 

Our patriarch Norman Browne founded Alpine Elk Ranch with the knowledge and skills he had learned from growing up on a ranch. He now runs a herd of more than 100 elk through the rolling, wooded acreage near the town of Priest River. The ranch is a true haven where the animals have plenty of room to roam, abundant water and a dependable food source. They provide our family with new velvet antler every year, which we harvest through a painless process that does no harm whatsoever to the bulls. 

Our family began processing elk velvet antler into supplement form a few years ago, primarily for our personal use, so quality, purity and safety were our top priorities. As we perfected the process and began producing Velvet Vitality for the public, our priorities remain the same. The supplements are still among the purest, most natural and safest nutraceuticals available. 

Our family believes in the value that Velvet Vitality offers to our customers because we take the supplements ourselves, and so do our pets. Some of the EVA benefits we have experienced include relief from joint pain, an increase in energy and a quicker recovery after workouts. 

“I do my best to reach out and share my products online to the public. I view it as a win-win. Customers have the best EVA products available ... and I can afford to continue making EVA for all who want it,” Norman says.