VELVET VITALITY is a family owned and operated business based in Northern Idaho. We have been involved in elk ranching since 1997. Our family has been involved in all facets of the domestic elk industry. Our entire velvet antler comes from ranch raised elk. No animals are ever harmed in the harvesting process. Each spring, antler is cut during the soft or velvet stage of its growth; this is when the antler contains the optimum nutrients. The antler is then freeze-dried, processed, and packaged. Nothing more is ever added, Velvet Vitality is all natural, pure velvet antler. And velvet antler grows back every year with each bull's new set of antlers!


We believe that Velvet Vitality is the best supplement on the market, a safe and effective alternative to drugs, (which can have many harmful side effects). We use no heat in the processing of the Velvet Antler and we use the whole antler as well. Most members of my family have been taking the very EVA capsules we produce, for many years. We also use Elk Velvet Antler capsules to supplement our pet's health with amazing results.